Oktoberfest DIY

Get ready for Oktoberfest and sew your very own Bavarian „dirndl“ dress with my Dirndlworkshop!

Buy now the print at home pattern including the e-book with illustrated step-by-step instructions from a Bavarian dirndl designer!


The Dirndlworkshop includes:

  • A4 PDF sewing pattern (print at home) in US sizes 4 – 18 for
    • dirndl dress
    • dirndl blouse
    • circle skirt
  • Tutorials for (because you don’t need a pattern)
    • traditional pleated skirt
    • dirndl apron
    • two kinds of dirndl ruffles

Everything is explained with illustrated step-by-step instructions on 119 sites.


Moreover you will not only learn how to sew a dirndl, you will learn everything you need to know about the Bavarian „dirndl“ dress.

  • the perfect fit for your dirndl
  • how to make alterations
  • which fabric you should use
  • on which side you need to wear your bow
  • etc. ….

Now it’s your turn – Sew your very own Bavarian dirndl and get no longer recognized as a tourist 😉 .

Dirndlworkshop La Bavarese


You want a preview? No Problem – here you go!


About Me

Hey, my name is Anja and I was born and bred in Bavaria.

After studying marketing in 2014, I finally found time to teach myself how to sew. After six months of sewing cosmetic bags and co. I dared to sew my first piece of clothing – a dirndl. It turned out so nice and it was just so much fun! My passion for sewing was born.

Ever since then, I’ve added at least one new dirndl a year. With each dirndl I make I learn more and more about the process and the pattern design.

In my Dirndlworkshop, I would like to pass on to you my collected knowledge and joy of sewing dirndls.

If you have any questions, just write me an e-mail – hello@dirndlworkshop.com


Lots of love!